2001 F250 Power Stroke Super Duty 4x4  

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Subwoofer Relocation and Re-wire

Subwoofers are re-located under the rear seat. With this move it allows all the electronics to be moved and flush mounted behind the seat. A very tight fit for all the components.

Sub Box

CD Changer
Video Switcher


Main Brain

Rear Video and Wireless Headphone Install

This is an Audiovox 8" over head video screen installation for rear seat video. People can watch a DVD with the Headphones while others can be listening to music and or using the navigation system. Also, my son can put his music in the DVD player and listed to it one the headphones without disturbing the rest of the passengers.

Cutting and Mount Fab

Headphone Emitter

Test Fitting

Test Fitting

Rear Video Switcher

Remotes & Headphones

Front Video Switcher

ATS Turbo Compressor Install

The ATS compressor housing is designed to eliminate compressor surge. It works very well to do this. However, it does add a fair amount of whistle as a result of the larger intake hose. Personally, I like the new sound. The kit is complete and install only took about 2 hours. Boost pressures did go down after the install, but there is no loss in power since there is a gain in volume. For example, at 60mph previously with 5lbs of boost, now is only 3lbs of boost.

Compare Stock and ATS

Stock Housing Removed

Close Up

New Housing Installed

Onki Running Boards

The factory running boards are great if you do not mind gray water wings on the side of your truck. The plastic can also be slippery when it is wet or dirty. These running boards solve those problems and add light to both the top and the underside of the truck when you open the doors. All surfaces are made from black rubber formed over extruded aluminum.

Before with Stock Boards

After with Onki Boards

At night

Cup Holder Lights

One of my biggest complaints is the fact that I cannot see my cup holders at night. As a result I mounted 2 LED's in the over head console. The first attempt with a small light was not bright enough. In the images below you can see how well the holders are illuminated with the LED's

Old Lighting

Twin LED's glued into place

Final view with LED's installed

Night Time

Interior lighting now

Q-Form and Kicker Speakers

The Q-Forms are a great fit and the color matching is impressive. Only some minor trimming was required on the right side. The sound it added to the system is very full and impressive. A lot more sound for the entire cab. The mid range speakers put out an amazing amount of bass in the front and help fill the cab evenly. The only down side is the loss of foot room, but well worth the investment!

Q-forms ready for holes, Crossovers in the middle

Speakers mounted in Q-forms

Left Side

Right Side

Cowel Induction Hood with Ghost Flames

Need I say more? Thanks to KC Customs for the great work!

Left Side


Right Side

AFE Air Filter setup and BD 3.5" downpipe into 4" exhaust

The AFE filter system decreased turbo spooling time a lot. You hear more turbo wine in the cab but only under acceleration, especially on the freeway. The BD exhaust system was very affordable and decreased my EGT's by 200 degrees; while at the same time increasing throttle response. These two units make a great combination for performance!

AFE Filter System

BD Exhaust System

TS Performance Propane Injection System

Custom mounted 12 gallon propane tank with liquid feed to manifold. Water lines are plumbed into the system in order to vaporize the liquid prior to injection. Injection amount is metered by vacuum and a pressure switch set for 4lbs of boost. What a kick, it is there when you need it! Increased my fuel mileage in the freeway by 3 to 5mpg.

Water Line location

Propane Manifold

Side view of tank

Under View of Tank

Custom CB and Booster mount with Center Channel

Ranger CB with a Palomar Booster (300w) along with a Rockford 4x6" for the center channel on the surround sound system.

First Mach-Up

Console assembly

Make sure it fits

Final Test Fit

Final Test Fit

Mount Center Channel

Carpeted and installed

Drivers View

TS Performance 125HP Chip Installation

This is the highest performance chip available from TS Performance. It is highly recommended that you run this chip with gauges so to keep an eye on your EGTs. The power increase in amazing. I can can now light up the tires at will from a stop sign. The shifting is firm but not harsh or abusive to the transmission. Power increase is all the way across the RPM scale and makes freeway driving much easier on the pedal. EGTs will climb high if you keep you foot in it to long, but by simply feathering the throttle you can keep the speed and lower the EGTs.

Bolts to remove

Upper Bolt

Remove Computer from plastic housing

Cleaning connectors

Install the chip

Autometer Gauges and A Pillar

These are the Autometer Pro-Comp series gauges. Installed from top down: Transmission Temp, Turbo Boost, EGT.

Drivers View

Close Up

Smitty Built Outland Grill Guard and Brush Guard

Once again Smitty Built has designed a perfectly fitting guard. The installation was simple and included bumper reinforcement brackets to stabilize the assembly. The Hella Ralley 4000s are the "Cornering Beams", and light up a very wide range.

Front View

Side View

Front Lower Support

Frame to Bumper Support

2001 Mustang Fog Switches

Pioneer Visual Audio System and Navigation

This systems includes a 7" Wide-Screen In-Dash Motorized LCD Color Display with Single-CD, Audio/Video Entertainment Master Unit with DVD Control and Dolby Digital/DTS, Surround Sound, 12-Disc IP-Bus Multi-CD Player, voice command Car Navigation Unit. The Amp was moved to the sub box along with a capacitor, power and ground distribution blocks. The factory rear panel has been re-carpeted to match the box.

Deck in off position

Turn on the system

Display is deployed

CD Changer / Nav Unit

Sub Box fit in truck

Amp rack and power accessories.

Custom Sub Box for 10"

I made this box in about 5 hours. It has about .5 cubic feet of air space per woofer and is sealed. The idea is the space in the middle will hold my amplifier (when it stops raining so I can move it) along with the power and ground distribution blocks and a capacitor for the amp. Currently everything is under the seat. (See the bottom of this page for the old sub box.) The rear factory panel was removed so I would be able to get as much airspace as possible. I will be re-carpeting it with the same carpet as the box.

New Muffler and K&N Filter

Novato Brake and Muffler replaced the stock muffler with a high flow less restrictive model. The stock muffler was only 2.5", this seems to defeat the purpose of having a nice large stainless exhaust that the factory installs with the PSD. After installation the largest increase was off idle performance. It feels as if all turbo lag was removed. The truck does pull harder at freeway speeds, but the largest increase was off idle.

Stock Muffler

In Progress

New Muffler

Rancho 4" Suspension Lift using all new springs and RS9000s

The Rancho kit was very complete, although it did not mention that is requires the use of the 3.25" factory rear blocks. If you have the 1.25" rear blocks (like I did) you will need to order the taller ones in order to make the truck sit properly. The ride quality is outstanding and the RS9000s are well worth the investment. I am running BFG 35x12.5" on AE 589s. Thank you to Advanced Truck Accessories for the great work!

On her way into the Shop

Front Suspension in Progress

Touch down

RS9000 in cab adjuster


Looks great!

Retrax Bed cover from Applied Products.

This bed cover is truly trick. It is made from one piece of lexan and has no joints to leak. Installation is a snap and takes about 1 hour if you take your time. Fit and alignment are perfect and it roll very easily. The locking setup is genius and a minimum! Everything is flush mounted and the cover has very smooth lines. I would buy it again with no hesitation.

Close up of locking system

Complete installation

If you would like to see my complete installation pictures you can see them on the RETRAX web site at the following URL: http://www.rolltopcover.com/instal_pics.html

On Board Air Compressor from Sun Performance Installation
On my previous truck I had enough room under the hood to install my air compressor. But, as other Power Stroke owners have found, there is no room under the hood to even change your mind. As a result I have had to get creative about the location of my air compressor. The compressor is mounted under the right rear corner of the bed with the switch and hose connector accessible just below the trailer hitch. I fabricated a custom mounting system for the air compressor to rest in with a shield to keep most dirt and debris off the system.

Pre-installation with compressor in mounting system.

Top of mount bolts to rolled lip under the bed.

Bottom view of shelf from under the truck

Final installation with air hose connected.

Billet Front Grill by Stull.
Having the option of the single center or the version that fill the outer sections as well was a difficult choice. After looking at both options I decided that I did not like the lack of depth the front of the truck was left with when all three sections were filled with the aftermarket grills available. After installing the center grill by Stull I fabricated my own outer billet grill and painted the air scoops satin black for a more contrast. The end result is a grill that is like no other on the market. Very close but not the same.

Stock Grill

Billet Grill with Custom Mods

Final Look

Problem found:
At night there is no way to tell your ashtray from the cup holders.
By drilling a hole through the back of the ashtray an LED (green) can be mounted and linked into the light switch via the light wires going to the heater controls. Make sure you use a 12 volt LED that already has the resistor built in. You will need to remove the ashtray completely and trim some space off the back side of the housing for the light to recede into when the tray is closed. Now you can tell your ashtray from your cup-holders!

Stereo Installation
She was purchased on a Friday and the following Saturday all the speakers were replaced, 10" Rockford Subs were added behind the rear seat, along with a 6 channel 600 watt amp, Phoenix Gold speakers in the factory locations and a Pioneer 12 Disk CD changer and Deck with steering wheel remote.





New stock truck

New Truck!

New Leather Interior!

Must have a navigator!

Coming soon:

  • Alternative storage compartment
  • Rear Seat Headrests
  • More when I think of it!

If you have any comments or questions about what I have done to my truck please feel free to e-mail me: ziyad@showketdesign.com

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