Pro-Street FXR  

Custom List: Award List
  • FLH tranny
  • Modified frame
  • Stretched Tanks
  • Exhaust
  • Polished & Painted Engine/Tranny
  • Swing Arm
  • Wiring
  • Coil Mounts
  • Dash Panel
  • Tail / Brake Light
  • Oil Filter System
  • Rear Fender
  • Rear Brakes
  • VDO gauges
  • Seat Pan
  • Battery Box
  • Much More...

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Long, Long, Long!

The frame is a modified Chopper Guys with a custom swing arm, 35 deg. rake, and 2" stretch. Coils, horn and electrical are all under the seat.

Open air!

Notice all the room behind the rear cylinder? This is where the oil bag should be. Instead, I installed an FLH tranny and the oil is under the transmission. The Seat is also custom upholstered on a hand made seat pan.


Notice the custom fabricated swing-arm, one of a kind. All shock mounting locations have been moved to line up with the swing arm for optimum travel and flush mounting.

If one throat is good, two are better!

You can see the Delorto Carb along with the custom fabricated Hooker 2 into 1 system. The system is coated inside and out by Jett Hot coatings. You can also see the panel that covers where the oil bag should be.

It's true that wider is better!

Notice the flush mounted tail and brake light that are illuminated via LEDs. They are above the recessed license plate that has a clear lens over it that matched the shape and contour of the fender for a smooth finish. Also notice there is no visible seat mounting.

Purple Haze?

If you look closely you can see the purple tribal art behind the flames. Beyond that is some cracking that can be seen in direct sun light.

Technical Specs:
  • Chopper Guys Frame
  • 2" Stretch
  • 3 Degree Rake
  • 5/8 offset
  • PM Wheels
  • PM Brakes
  • Progressive Suspension
  • Metzler Tires
  • Ported and Polished
  • Balanced
  • Weisco Pistons
  • EV 46 Cam
  • Delorto Intake (40mm)
  • Crane Hi4 Ignition
  • Custom Hooker Headers
  • FLH Tranny
  • Pro Clutch
  • Centech Wiring
  • VDO Gagues
  • 12 Point Bolts

Special Thanks to KC Customs for the extra time and attention to the paint.

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