Custom Bagger Under Way  

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Front fairing is test fit and the bracket is welded to the frame. Notice the perfect angle match between the fairing and the triple trees.

Front end and wheel is mached up in frame. Custom fork stops are made. Lower Frame braces are welded into pace.

The frame is removed from the frame rack. Swing arm is fabricated and the rear wheel is test fit for proper spacing. Lower cross member is added as well as an upper in the rear.

Rear View

Left Side

Right Side

A Fairing from a early 90's FLHTCU has been chosen because it has a great shape. But it does need som updating to bring it to the level we want. Very sililar to the fairing on the moders day Road Glide but slightly thinner with a better curve to the wind screen and less bulky inner fairing section.

Early 90's FLHTCU Fairing

Remove Factory Paint

Use expanding foam for filler

Lay fiberglass over filler

Cover and sculpt with bondo

As you can see from the images below the frame is almost completed. Once all final welding is complete it will com off the frame jig to have the swing arm fabricated.

Left Side Frame

Rear Frame

Right Side Frame



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