1990 300zx  

Short Shift Kit
TopSpeed SHort shift kit purchased from Courtesy Nissan.

Kit Contence



Bomex Front Spoiler
Very nice fit and finish. Lower valence needed to be trimmed for front turbo style vents.

Injen Intake Kit
Hard pipe intake kit from Injen. Very good fit and finish, no noticable performance increase from the stock setup but I am sure there is one visible on a dynometer.




Japan Spec Wing
This wing was ordered from Ionic Dynamics . Great fit and finish. The guys at Icon Dynamics have great service and an excellent product. Wing came primed and ready to shoot only minor body work needed to make it perfect. They do not have a phone number on their web site but they are good people.



Manifold Cover
The stock cover was discolored with some cracking. Rather than spend $80 on a new one I decided to cover the existing one with Carbon Fiber and re-create the factory style badge in red vinyl graphics. The rest of the engine and car will also be detailed in red in the near future.


Close Up

Wheel Upgrade
A new set of AT Italia 18x8" wheels with Yokohama AVS ES100 Size:245/40-18

Before & After

Side View

Close Up

Fog Light Upgrade
I noticed there were a couple of people on E-bay selling fog light upgrade kits that were modified to emit 50% more light. Wondering how they did it I looked into my stock fog light housing and found the only thing there is to modify. By removing the light cover inside the fog light you get a much better light pattern as shown in the images bellow:

Light bulb holder removed with hat still in place

Light bulb cover removed from bulb housing

Notice the light on the ground with the brighter side >>>

Notice the better light on the ground

View from Top of car

Installing a Rear Strut Bar

Left Panel Removed

Left Bracket Installed

Left Side Installed


Right Side Installed


Installing a Front Strut Bar
Front strut Tower bar is designed to stabilize the front suspension in order to keep consistent suspension geometry during heavy load. The front bar settled the car down a log and prevented the car from twitching under heavy cornering and during bumps.

Before Installing

Left Side Location

Right Side Location

Final look installed


Left Side Installed

Right Side Installed


Recovering the Rear with Carbon Fiber
The stock rear 3rd brake light panel is rather cracked and discolored from the years of lifting and sitting in the sun. A simple solution for this is to simply cover the existing panel with carbon fiber for a smooth look. Carbon fiber will allow light to shine through it, so the 3rd brake light will shine through the material giving it a ghosted look.

Stock panel

Cracking the the middle

Piece laid out for pattern

Initial covering of panel

After Drying Trim with razor

Gloss coat is applied

The 2nd coat gives the gloss

Final Installation and the panel blends into the car much better. Although there are still some waves in the panel they can be polished out after a week of cure time.


Rear Speaker Grills
The stock rear speaker grills had faded to a greenish grey color over time. I decided to recover them with new grill cloth that I picked up at my local stereo shop.

Before Covering

Removal of cloth

Before and After

Final look installed

K&N Filter upgrade

Stock setup

Air box lid and filters removed

Lower panel folded up and remainder of air box is removed

With the new filter in place

Filter extends well into the lower air intake.

Stock air box removed from Car.

Stereo Install and update:
Remove the stock Bose System and install a Pioneer Deck along with some JBL Speakers. After the stock system is removed the "Bose" center cover is replaced with a factory pocket for more usable space.

Deck Install

Rear Speakers

All orriginal and stock: This car is in need of cupholders!

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